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The exams in April, May and June were unable to proceed. Parents were given the option to rebook or offered a full refund. The vast majority of refunds were issued within 1-2 business days.
  • Each SDE 11+ Mock Exam Session was limited to 15 candidates.
  • There were special hygiene measures (such as hand washing) at Registration.
  • PPE was made available free of charge at the Registration Desk for staff and students. Staff were required to wear a mask if they need to move within 2 metres of others. In line with DfE Guidance for 9-10 year old children, candidates were not required to wear masks but were welcome to do so.
  • Desks and chairs were disinfected at the beginning of the day and between each use.
  • All exam papers and answer sheets were placed on the candidate’s desk before they entered the Exam Hall or classroom.
  • Candidates were sat at least 2 metres apart in the Exam Hall or classroom (an enhanced measure taken by SDE over and above the requirements of the Government Guidance at the time). Please see our example Tuition Centre diagram and Tuition Centre photos (SDE Burkes Court, Beaconsfield).
  • We maintained records of the seating positions of candidates and staff at each exam and kept these for at least four weeks to assist with Track and Trace.
Comprehensive details of the steps we took to keep everyone safe at the SDE 11+ Mock Exams were seen by the policy team at the DfE who are responsible for Out of School Settings, who commented that the plans “seem[ed] very sensible”.
While we hope for a ‘return to normality’ this year, we are resigned to the fact that special measures are highly likely to be necessary. The exact arrangements will depend on the circumstances nearer to the time and the latest Government Guidance to the Out of School Sector. At the present time, all SDE 11+ Mock Exam ‘bubbles’ are being limited to 15 candidates and accommodation has been booked so that we can adhere to 2 metres distancing between candidates while the children are writing their tests. It may be possible to relax these arrangements if the pandemic subsides. As well as being provide with access to comparative data for the children attending the Session with your child, you will also be able to access our All Time Lists of Scores which include the results of all candidates who have written the same test papers in past years. The All Time Lists of Scores are likely to contain the most comprehensive and reliable 11+ Mock Exam comparative data available.


11+ Mock Exams – Covid-19 response

11+ Mock Exams (last updated 16th August 2020)

We are delighted to announce that the physical Exam Hall-based SDE 11+ Mock Exams 2020 have been underway at our ‘core’ Covid-19 secure 11+ ‘hubs’ in Beaconsfield, Langley and Harrow since w/c Monday 20th July.  We have also now added three further locations:  Edmonton (North London) and, with effect from Saturday 5th September, Chalfont St. Peter and Chesham.

The real 11+ is not taking place online and it will not be sat at home.  In preparation for the 11+, it is important that 11+ candidates have the chance to practice in a realistic environment.  We are pleased to offer this opportunity to the children while taking extensive measures to minimise the risks during the pandemic.  The key control measures we are taking are:

  • Each SDE 11+ Mock Exam Session is limited to 15 candidates.
  • There are special hygiene measures at Registration.
  • PPE is available at the Registration Desk for staff and students.  Staff are required to wear a mask if they need to move within 2 metres of others or when moving around the building.
  • Desks and chairs are disinfected at the beginning of the day and between each use.
  • All exam papers and answer sheets are placed on your child’s desk before they enter the Exam Hall or classroom.
  • Candidates are sat at least 2 metres apart in the Exam Hall.
  • At the end of Session the children are led outside to meet you at the Collection Area.
  • We maintain a plan of the seating positions of each candidate and will retain these records for at least 4 weeks to assist with contact tracing.

Comprehensive details of the steps we are taking to keep everyone safe at the SDE 11+ Mock Exams have been seen by a senior policy team at the DfE who are responsible for the Out of School Sector, who have commented that our plans “seem very sensible”.

Parents are sent full details of the measures we are taking, and the instructions they need to follow, the day prior to the 11+ Mock Exam.  We will continue to update our policies and procedures as the situation evolves and new Government Guidance is issued.  This means that some of the measures above may be subject to change.

We are pleased to share with you some photos and a diagram of the modified SDE 11+ Tuition Centre at Burkes Court in Beaconsfield which is now Covid-19 secure and ready for face-to-face 11+ Courses and 11+ Mock Exams.  Similar changes have been made to our other Covid-19 secure ‘hubs’ in Buckinghamshire, Berkshire and North London.

To check availability and to book your child’s physical Exam Hall-based 11+ Mock Exam, please visit the Mock Exams page.

We look forward to seeing you and your child soon.

Best wishes

The SDE Team