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Shown below are two tables containing information relating to the questions the candidate answered incorrectly in the exam.

In the first column, the question number is displayed.   In the second column, appears the candidate’s actual wrong answer option.  In the third column, a link is provided to a Video Tutorial, which has been devised and narrated by Susan Daughtrey M.Ed.

Get Prepared

Once the question is displayed on screen, it is suggested to pause the video and reattempt the question, prior to watching the technique/explanation/working out and correct answer that follow in the remaining part of each video.

To allow the candidate to reattempt the questions and also for reference, please DOWNLOAD and PRINT, a clean copy of the Answer Sheets and Comprehension Text which can be accessed using the links found above the tables below.

The child should be sat at a desk or table, with two pencils, the printed answer sheets for both tests, the printed comprehension text and scrap paper for working out.

Use a device with a large screen.  Do not use a small tablet or mobile device.

A parent or adult should sit with the student and pause each video once the question appears on screen, so it can be reattempted. It is suggested to allow the student as long as they need to reattempt the question, rather than timing the student, as it is important for the parent to understand why the student answered the question incorrectly.

Why did the Student Answer the Question Incorrectly?

If the student is able to reattempt the question and answer it correctly with his/her parent at home, it is likely he/she made a careless error in the exam, possibly due to the pressure of working against the clock.  Further exam practice will help the student to improve their exam technique.  However, if the student reattempts the question and answers it incorrectly at home, this suggests the student lacks subject knowledge.  In this case the video explanation should be studied very carefully.  The student should understand what to do if a similar question appears on a future 11+ test before moving on to the next video.

‘Answer Given’ Column

Where you see a letter (e.g “A”, “B”, “C”, “D” or “E” etc.), this is the actual wrong answer submitted by the candidate for that question.  “Multi” means the candidate entered more than one answer (where only one answer was required).  “Blank” means that the candidate did not enter an answer (exam tip: candidates should NEVER leave answer batteries blank in a multiple-choice 11+ test; if necessary, the candidate should ALWAYS enter a guess).

Free Trial

The Video Tutorials are First Editions and are currently being provided as a Free Trial.

Legal Notice 

The techniques and explanations provided in the Video Tutorials are those suggested by Susan Daughtrey M.Ed.  There may be other means of achieving the correct answer which the parent may wish to discuss with their child.

Reasonable efforts have been made to ensure the quality of the teaching instruction is of a high standard.  However, by launching the Video Tutorials, you acknowledge that there may be occasionally errors or omissions and you agree that we do not accept any liability whatsoever for any such errors or omissions.

We very much hope the children benefit from this new service.

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