Who can attend?

The test papers have been written by Susan Daughtrey M.Ed, the tutor and author, to help students who are preparing to write the CSSE 11+ exams in 2018.

How many sessions do you offer?

As in 2017, in each location there are 4 sessions: Sessions A, B, C & D.

At each Session there is an English and separate Maths (CSSE-style) test. The two tests are separated by a short break.

What is the agenda for each session?

At each Session we will emulate, as far as reasonably practicable, your child’s most likely experience on the day of the real CSSE 11+ tests.

What other features are there?

  • SDE’s test papers contain questions which Susan Daughtrey M.Ed expects to be of a similar style and level of difficulty to the questions on the ‘real’ 11+ tests;
  • All venues have been carefully appraised by SDE and found to be suitable for 11+ mock exams; and
  • All venues feature free parking.

What feedback can I expect after each Session?

Within a few days of the Session you will receive:

  • A Record Table showing your child’s results including a breakdown of scores for individual areas of each test.
  • A List of Scores (anonymised) showing the results achieved by the other students who have written the same papers – this will not only enable you to rank your child within the group, but also to see how much improvement is required to move up the table.


The ‘series’ of four CSSE-style 11+ Mock Exam sessions have been carefully timed to enable you to prepare your child for the actual 11+ Maths and English CSSE tests.

Early Booking Discount: Save a further £20 when you book 4 or more mock exams in one transaction.

1 Session: £70

2 Sessions: £130 (save £10)

3 Sessions: £180 (save up to £30)

4 Sessions: £200 (Early booking discount – save up to £80)

Terms and conditions

All SDE CSSE-style 11+ Mock Exam Sessions are subject to our mock exam terms and conditions which you can view on the booking page.

Please carefully select your dates as we charge an administration fee for amendments and cancellations/refunds. Full details can be found in the terms and conditions, which can be viewed on the booking page.


Once you have paid for the Session(s), you will automatically receive a Receipt and a Booking Confirmation (two separate emails).


Chelmsford, Essex

(Small Hall - Up to 40 Students)
Springfield Parish Centre
St Augustine's Way

ASaturday 26th May 20189.45am - 12.15pm
BSaturday 23rd June 20189.45am - 12.15pm
CSaturday 7th July 20189.45am - 12.15pm
DSaturday 18th August 20182.00pm - 4.30pm

(Small Hall - Up to 40 Students)
Shoeburyness & Thorpe Bay Baptist Church
90 Thorpedene Gardens

AWednesday 30th May 20189.45am - 12.15pm
BSaturday 28th July 20189.45am - 12.15pm
CTuesday 14th August 20189.45am - 12.15pm
DThursday 30th August 20189.45am - 12.15pm
Redbridge, London

(Large Hall - Up to 80 Students)
Oaks Park High School
45-65 Oaks Lane
Newbury Park


ASunday 20th May 201810:30am - 1.00pm
BSunday 17th June 201810:30am - 1.00pm
CSunday 29th July 201810:30am - 1.00pm
DSunday 9th September 201810:30am - 1.00pm