Mock Exams (Earley/Winnersh)

Mock Exams (Earley/Winnersh)


Thank you for opting for the Susan Daughtrey CEM-style 11 Mock Exams as part of your Susan Daughtrey 11 Course at Earley. You have been given a 6th Mock Exam free of charge. You must select all 6 exams you wish your child to attend as part of the same Order, as your Voucher Code may only be used once.

As part of the booking process, you will be asked to create an SDE Account (email address and password). You will need these details to access your child’s results and feedback, including the Dynamic Video tutorials (a video tutorial for every question your child answers incorrectly on the test papers). An email prompt will be sent to you when your child’s results are ready to view.

Please note the exams at Winnersh are provided by Susan Daughtrey Education LLP. Exams at Earley are, like your child’s tuition, provided by the SDE Earley franchise, SDE (Earley) LLP. The exam papers and set up are, however, identical at both locations. The additional dates at Winnersh have been made available for your convenience.