Susan Daughtrey Books

Susan Daughtrey Books

Verbal Reasoning (GL Assessment)

This series of Verbal Reasoning books and test papers prepares children for the 11+ exam. It is based upon a successful teaching formula developed by the Author, a professional educationalist, and rigorously tested in the classroom with outstanding success.

Parents can help their child succeed by guiding the child through the technique, marking the practice exercise and completing the personal record table in each book that is there to help the parent monitor the child’s progress. With the author’s help any problems that need to be addressed can be easily recognised and referenced back to the technique.


Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar (GL Assessment)

This series of English books, covering the three main areas of spelling, punctuation and grammar is based on the following tried and tested teaching principles:

  • Basic concepts are defined and explained to establish a framework within which learning can take place
  • Rules applicable to the basic concepts are identified with reference to many examples and noted exceptions
  • Practice exercises for the child to complete, test the application and understanding of the rules. The use of other reference materials, such as dictionary and thesaurus is encouraged
  • Rule summaries test the understanding of the rules, enhance memory recall and form the basis of a comprehensive revision card system created by the child for future reference