Verbal Reasoning 50 Q Multiple Choice Test Papers Pack 1

Verbal Reasoning 50 Q Multiple Choice Test Papers Pack 1


A first, and easy place for your child to start working on multiple choice test papers that are similar in format, layout, type of question and standard of difficulty to the real 11+. These 2 packs each of six 50-question 35 minute test papers, are designed to start off the child with ‘short bursts’ of practice which he will enjoy, at the same time as familiarising the child with the look of a ‘real’ 11+ paper, and giving him experience of the examination procedure ‘on the day’! These test papers are the first step to multiple choice test paper practice after the child has completed the work in the Susan Daughtrey’s books.

As with all of Susan’s books and test papers, the types of question on each of these practice papers is identified on each test Record Table and in the Test Paper Answers, so a parent can refer back to the Technique and Practice books to re-familiarise the child and for further practice should it be necessary.

However, these can also be used by the child who is a little more experienced with practice multiple-choice test papers. Susan recognises it is not always easy or convenient for a parent to sit their child down for a full 80-question, 50 minute practice test paper, and yet to have continuous practice of the types of question on an 11+ verbal reasoning test paper at the correct standard of difficulty and looking like the real thing on the day, is essential. She has therefore written these two packs of six 50-question 35 minute test papers with the more practised child in mind, to give him shorter more manageable bursts to maintain his examination experience.

These papers, published in 2012, are an absolute must for any parent.

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