Honeypot Charity

The Honeypot Children’s Charity
A charity helping young carers and the UK’s most vulnerable children

Susan Daughtrey Education is delighted to support The Honeypot Children’s Charity.

Honeypot works to enhance the lives of vulnerable children and young carers in the UK, aged 5 to 12 years old. Honeypot is the only charity in the UK to provide respite breaks and on-going outreach support throughout a child’s formative years. Honeypot gives young carers a break from demanding and stressful responsibilities at home and provides a safe, nurturing environment where children at risk can develop their full potential.

The majority of children supported are young carers. This means they offer care and emotional support to someone they love; a parent, a grandparent or a sibling. From as young as five years old, Honeypot children will help give medication, complete household chores and assist with personal care. Having to adopt a surrogate adult role at home, alongside homework and school, is unbelievably tough. Although still children, these boys and girls find themselves in a caring role, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Some Honeypot children are not young carers, but still face adult responsibilities and pressures at home. They may have witnessed domestic violence, experienced homelessness or live in an area of extreme deprivation. Honeypot’s support allows these children to be nurtured and lets them enjoy time in a safe environment.

James Daughtrey, SDE Managing Partner, commented: “Susan Daughtrey Education is delighted to support the vital work which is undertaken by the superb Honeypot Children’s Charity. As well as raising funds to help maintain the important service this charity provides to child carers, we also hope to raise awareness among our staff, parents and, in particular, our 11+ students. SDE aims to have a positive impact on our young people in everything we do and we feel very honoured to be supporting such a remarkable charity. We look forward to developing our relationship with The Honeypot Children’s Charity over the coming years.”

In April 2016 James ran the Virgin London Marathon for Honeypot Charity raising over £2000.

To find out more about The Honeypot Children’s Charity, please click here: or contact Jane Jackson at SDE’s Head Office.