GL-style 11+ Mock Exams 2018

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In 2018, SDE’s GL-Assessment style 11+ Mock Exams (together with home video tutorial) for the new Buckinghamshire 11+ tests are taking place at the following locations:

  • Chalfont St. Peter, Buckinghamshire
  • Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire
  • High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire
  • Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire
  • Slough, Berkshire (most students in Slough are in catchment for Burnham Grammar School which is in Buckinghamshire)

The test papers are being written by Susan Daughtrey M.Ed, the tutor and author, to help students who are preparing to write the new GL-Assessment Verbal Reasoning, Maths and Non-Verbal Reasoning Buckinghamshire 11+ tests.

How many Sessions do you offer?

In each location there are 5 Sessions: Sessions A – E.

The test papers at each Session are unique (i.e. no repeat questions).

How will SDE cater to the new Bucks 11+ GL Assessment tests?

At present, the Buckinghamshire Grammar Schools have announced:

  • The tests will be provided by GL Assessment;
  • Children will write two test papers; and
  • The tests will include Verbal Reasoning, Maths and Non-Verbal Reasoning questions.

More information about the new tests is going to be made available by the Buckinghamshire Grammar Schools in November 2017.

GL Assessment is a very well-known and highly regarded 11+ test provider, which used to provide the Buckinghamshire 11+ tests prior to 2013. Susan has both historic and up-to-date knowledge of the content of GL Assessment 11+ tests and is widely regarded as the country’s pre-eminent authority on preparing students for GL Assessment 11+ tests. In 1993 she authored a series of verbal reasoning Technique and Practice books which were aimed at GL Assessment 11+ candidates and which are the market leading resource in the field of GL Assessment verbal reasoning preparation, selling more than half a million copies to date. Susan is therefore incredibly well placed to write these new tests to help your child prepare for the new GL Assessment Buckinghamshire 11+ tests.

We will carefully consider the additional information provided by the Buckinghamshire Grammar Schools in November and make any adjustments that we consider appropriate and make every possible effort to help ensure the SDE Buckinghamshire 11+ Mock Exams 2018 are the best available preparation for your child for the new Bucks 11+ tests. At this stage we can confirm the SDE mock exam Sessions in Buckinghamshire will include the following features:

  • The new test papers will include questions which Susan Daughtrey M.Ed expects to be of a similar style and level of difficulty to the questions on the ‘real’ GL Assessment Buckinghamshire 11+ tests;
  • Our new test papers will include a range of verbal reasoning, maths and non-verbal reasoning questions;
  • Students are encouraged to write their working out on the actual question paper (which is recycled after the Session) rather than being given separate ‘rough paper’ for working out, as it is highly likely that candidates will be permitted to write their working out on their question paper in the real 11+ tests;
  • Students are instructed to record all of their answers on the separate multiple-choice answer sheet;
  • The answer sheets are marked in-house by SDE using electronic scanning technology (known as ‘Optical Mark Recognition’ or ‘OMR’);
  • All venues have been carefully appraised by SDE and found to be suitable for 11+ mock exams; and
  • All venues feature ample free on-site parking.

What feedback can I expect after each Session?

Within a few days of the Session we will send to you by email:

    • A Record Table™ which shows your child’s score in each element of the test papers, a total score for each test and a combined score for the two tests – next to your child’s scores, we also provide the group average score to help you identify your child’s strengths and weaknesses, relative to the other candidates;
    • A Letter to Parents providing a detailed description of the type of questions which appeared on the test papers, a Target Mark™ and lists of the more complex vocabulary from the actual test papers;
    • An anonymised List of Scores achieved by other students who have written the same test papers – this will not only enable you to rank your child within the group, but also to see how much improvement is required to progress; and
    • A link to an Online Video Tutorial (20-30 minutes in length) to watch at home, together with your child. Each video tutorial considers a small number of carefully selected questions from the actual SDE mock exam test papers. Susan then explains the technique/method which your child should have used to successfully tackle the review question and the correct answer to the review question. The video tutorials are varied, however there is a particular emphasis on those questions where a technique/method can be taught to the student, to help improve future exam performance.

In common with other 11+ mock exam providers and in order to provide parents with accurate feedback, including the child’s rank within the group, please note that the test papers and your child’s multiple-choice answer sheets are NOT released – as well as protecting the copyright in these unique and valuable resources, this is to ensure that no student has seen the test papers prior to attending an SDE mock exam Session.


The ‘series’ of five GL Assessment-style 11+ Mock Exam Sessions have been carefully timed to enable you to monitor your child’s progress and to give your child plenty of test paper practice in a formal exam room environment in the months leading up to the real 11+ tests.
1 Session: £70
2 Sessions: £130 (save £10)
3 Sessions: £180 (save up to £30)
4 Sessions: £220 (save up to £60) Early Booking Discount (save a further £20): £200
5 Sessions: £250 (save up to £100) Early Booking Discount (save a further £20): £230

Terms and conditions

All SDE GL Assessment-style 11+ Mock Exam Sessions are subject to our mock exam terms and conditions which you can view on the booking page.

Please carefully select your dates as we charge an administration fee for amendments and cancellations/refunds. Full details can be found in the terms and conditions, which can be viewed on the booking page.


Once you have paid for the Session(s), you will automatically receive a Receipt and a Booking Confirmation (two separate emails).

How to book

  • Review the timetable and click ‘Book Now’;
  • Complete the simple Registration Form; and
  • Pay for your Session(s).

VenueSessionDateTimeBook now
Chalfont St.Peter, Buckinghamshire

7 minutes drive from the A40 Denham junction

(HALL SETTING - up to 50 students per Session)

Chalfont St. Peter Community Centre
Gravel Hill
Chalfont St Peter


ASaturday 28th April 201810.45AM to 1.00PM
ASaturday 28th April 20182.00PM to 4.15PM
ASunday 29th April 201810.45AM to 1.00PM
ASunday 29th April 20182.00PM to 4.15PM
BSaturday 19th May 201810.45AM to 1.00PM
BSaturday 19th May 20182.00PM to 4.15PM
BSunday 20th May 201810.45AM to 1.00PM
BSunday 20th May 20182.00PM to 4.15PM
CSaturday 9th June 201810.45AM to 1.00PM
CSaturday 9th June 20182.00PM to 4.15PM
CSunday 10th June 201810.45AM to 1.00PM
CSunday 10th June 20182.00PM to 4.15PM
DSaturday 7th July 201810.45AM to 1.00PM
DSaturday 7th July 20182.00PM to 4.15PM
DSunday 8th July 201810.45AM to 1.00PM
DSunday 8th July 20182.00PM to 4.15PM
EMonday 27th August 201810.45AM to 1.00PM
EMonday 27th August 20182.00PM to 4.15PM
ETuesday 28th August 201810.45AM to 1.00PM
ETuesday 28th August 20182.00PM to 4.15PM
Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire

3 minutes drive from Junction 2 of the M40

(HALL SETTING - up to 100 students per Session)

Beaconsfield HIgh School
Wattleton Road


AMonday 6th August 201810.45AM to 1.00PM
BWednesday 8th August 201810.45AM to 1.00PM
CFriday 10th August 201810.45AM to 1.00PM
DMonday 13th August 201810.45AM to 1.00PM
EWednesday 15th August 201810.45AM to 1.00PM
High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire

5 minutes drive from Junction 4 of the M40

(up to 80 students per sitting)

Wycombe Abbey School
High Wycombe
HP11 1PE


ASaturday 2nd June 201810.45AM to 1.00PM
BSaturday 16th June 201810.45AM to 1.00PM
CSaturday 14th July 201810.45AM to 1.00PM
DSaturday 28th July 201810.45AM to 1.00PM
ESaturday 18th August 201810.45AM to 1.00PM
Slough / Langley

(HALL SETTING - up to 100 students per Session)

East Berkshire College
Langley Campus
Station Road


ASaturday 5th May 20182.00PM to 4.15PM
ASunday 13th May 201810.45AM to 1.00PM
AFriday 3rd August 20182.00PM to 4.15PM
BSaturday 26th May 20182.00PM to 4.15PM
BSunday 3rd June 201810.45AM to 1.00PM
BTuesday 7th August 20182.00PM to 4.15PM
CSaturday 9th June 20182.00PM to 4.15PM
CSunday 17th June 201810.45AM to 1.00PM
CThursday 9th August 20182.00PM to 4.15PM
DSaturday 7th July 20182.00PM to 4.15PM
DSunday 15th July 201810.45AM to 1.00PM
DTuesday 14th August 20182.00PM to 4.15PM
EFriday 31st August 20182.00PM to 4.15PM
ESaturday 1st September201810.45AM to 1.00PM
EThursday 16th August 20182.00PM to 4.15PM

Sir Henry Floyd Grammar School
Oxford Road
HP21 8PE


ASaturday 5th May 201810.45AM to 1.00PM
BSaturday 2nd June 201810.45AM to 1.00PM
CSaturday 30th June 201810.45AM to 1.00PM
DSaturday 4th August 201810.45AM to 1.00PM
ESaturday 25th August 201810.45AM to 1.00PM
Harrow, North West London

10 minutes walk from Harrow-on-the-Hill tube station (Metropolitan Line)

(HALL SETTING - up to 80 students per Session)

Harrow High School
Gayton Road


ASunday 20th May 20189.30AM to 11:45AM
BSunday 10th June 20189.30AM to 11:45AM
CSunday 8th July 20189.30AM to 11:45AM
DSunday 5th August 20189.30AM to 11:45AM
ESunday 19th August 20189.30AM to 11:45AM