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Access weekly pre-recorded video tutorial suites (see exactly what your child was taught in class and recap at home)

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The exams in April, May and June were unable to proceed. Parents were given the option to rebook or offered a full refund. The vast majority of refunds were issued within 1-2 business days.
  • Each SDE 11+ Mock Exam Session was limited to 15 candidates.
  • There were special hygiene measures (such as hand washing) at Registration.
  • PPE was made available free of charge at the Registration Desk for staff and students. Staff were required to wear a mask if they need to move within 2 metres of others. In line with DfE Guidance for 9-10 year old children, candidates were not required to wear masks but were welcome to do so.
  • Desks and chairs were disinfected at the beginning of the day and between each use.
  • All exam papers and answer sheets were placed on the candidate’s desk before they entered the Exam Hall or classroom.
  • Candidates were sat at least 2 metres apart in the Exam Hall or classroom (an enhanced measure taken by SDE over and above the requirements of the Government Guidance at the time). Please see our example Tuition Centre diagram and Tuition Centre photos (SDE Burkes Court, Beaconsfield).
  • We maintained records of the seating positions of candidates and staff at each exam and kept these for at least four weeks to assist with Track and Trace.
Comprehensive details of the steps we took to keep everyone safe at the SDE 11+ Mock Exams were seen by the policy team at the DfE who are responsible for Out of School Settings, who commented that the plans “seem[ed] very sensible”.
While we hope for a ‘return to normality’ this year, we are resigned to the fact that special measures are highly likely to be necessary. The exact arrangements will depend on the circumstances nearer to the time and the latest Government Guidance to the Out of School Sector. At the present time, all SDE 11+ Mock Exam ‘bubbles’ are being limited to 15 candidates and accommodation has been booked so that we can adhere to 2 metres distancing between candidates while the children are writing their tests. It may be possible to relax these arrangements if the pandemic subsides. As well as being provide with access to comparative data for the children attending the Session with your child, you will also be able to access our All Time Lists of Scores which include the results of all candidates who have written the same test papers in past years. The All Time Lists of Scores are likely to contain the most comprehensive and reliable 11+ Mock Exam comparative data available.


11+ Mock Exams for Maths / Verbal Reasoning (GL Assessment-style) and English 11+ candidates

In 2023, SDE’s 11+ Mock Exams for Maths and Verbal Reasoning (GL-style multiple choice) and English (reading comprehension and writing – standard version) 11+ candidates take place at The Latymer School (with Susan Daughtrey 11+ Dynamic Video Tuition®).

Who can attend?

The test papers have been written by Susan Daughtrey Education to help students who are preparing to write the GL Assessment® multiple-choice Maths / Verbal Reasoning 11+ test (60 mins) and the separate standard version English 11+ test, comprising reading comprehension and writing and which is normally prepared in-house by The Latymer School (60 mins).

How many Sessions do you offer?

There are three Sessions held at The Latymer School, Haselbury Road, Edmonton, N9 9TN.

Each SDE 11+ Mock Exam Session comprises a multiple-choice Maths and Verbal Reasoning 11+ test (GL Assessment-style) (60 mins) and English test (comprising reading comprehension and writing in the standard format – i.e not multiple choice) (60 mins).  The two papers are separated by a short break.  Answers to the Maths and Verbal Reasoning test are recorded by the student on a separate multiple-choice answer sheet.  The English test is divided into two 30 minute Sections, the first Section is reading comprehension and the final Section, is writing.

The Sessions have been carefully timed to coincide with your child’s final preparation for the multiple-choice GL Assessment® Maths and Verbal Reasoning test and the standard version English test for entry to The Latymer School.

What is the agenda for each session?

At each Session we will emulate, as far as reasonably practicable, your child’s most likely experience on the day of the real Maths / Verbal Reasoning and English 11+ tests for entrance to The Latymer School.

What is Susan Daughtrey 11+ Dynamic Video Tuition®?

All SDE 2023 11+ Mock Exams for Latymer candidates include the unique and innovative Susan Daughtrey 11+ Dynamic Video Tuition® service as standard for the Verbal Reasoning and Maths paper.  This does not include the English paper as this is a written paper which is marked differently (please see below).

Susan Daughtrey 11+ Dynamic Video Tuition® is a significant video production and IT project, involving the creation of more than 3000 short video tutorials, each typically 1-4 minutes in length, together with an online video streaming platform, so the video tutorials can be watched by you and your child at home.  We have created a video tutorial for every Verbal Reasoning and Maths question on our series of three 11+ Mock Exams for Latymer candidates (as well as many of our other exam formats used in other areas).

Susan Daughtrey 11+ Dynamic Video Tuition® is designed to target your child’s individual learning needs.  For each question your child answers incorrectly on the tests our bespoke online software (accessed via your secure parent login to the SDE website) will provide you with access to:

  • Your child’s wrong answer selection;
  • A link to a short video tutorial, devised and narrated by an SDE Tutor, which can be streamed from home and which includes the following:
    • The test question number, test question and multiple-choice answer options that appeared on the question paper;
    • Where relevant (e.g for VR questions), an explanation of the technique or method that SDE recommends your child uses to answer the question;
    • Where relevant (e.g for Maths questions), working out is shown on screen in a step-by-step fashion, with an explanation of the process SDE recommends your child should follow to answer the question correctly; and
    • Finally, the correct answer is shown on screen.

You can pause, rewind and re-watch the video tutorials provided as part of the SDE 11+ Mock Exam feedback as many times as you like, until the 11+ exams in September 2023.

Susan Daughtrey 11+ Dynamic Video Tuition® has been devised with the specific objectives of giving your child the opportunity to: (a) learn from their mistakes; and (b) improve future exam performance.  This is a unique and innovative resource, which responds to your child’s individual learning requirements by identifying only the questions your child answered incorrectly on the test papers and addressing those wrongly answered questions through the deployment of a video tutorial.

This is simply a fantastic way to revise with your child and was described by one very satisfied parent, as a “game-changer”.

What feedback can I expect after each Session?

The feedback includes:

  • A Record Table™  which shows your child’s score in each element of the test papers, a total score for each test and a combined score for the two tests.  Next to your child’s scores, we also provide the group average score to help you identify your child’s strengths and weaknesses, relative to the other candidates (there are usually many other students to compare your child’s results to as the Sessions are extremely popular);
  • Group List of Scores – this list contains the anonymised scores of the students attending the 11+ Mock Exam Session on the same weekend and usually at the same venue as your child (giving you the most “like-for-like” comparison available as the test papers were written in the same circumstances);
  • All Time Lists of Scores – these lists contain the scores of all students who have ever written each set of test papers and is probably the most comprehensive 11+ Mock Exam comparative data available anywhere;
  • For the Verbal Reasoning and Maths paper, access to the unique and innovative Susan Daughtrey 11+ Dynamic Video Tuition® service detailed above, so you can see exactly which questions your child answered incorrectly and your child has the benefit of SDE’s explanation of how best to answer the question; and
  • The Creative Writing element will be marked by one of the SDE 11+ Course teachers who is responsible for preparing current SDE students for the 11+ exams.  As well as receiving a breakdown of the results, you will also be sent a scanned copy of the marked Creative Writing element with some brief comments from the teacher.

A huge amount of work goes into producing high quality 11+ Mock Exam Papers so please be aware that, in order to protect our intellectual property and to ensure each paper is previously unseen by the students attending the Session, we do not release full Mock Exam papers. However, you will be given online access to any questions your child answers incorrectly to allow you to identify and work on their weak areas. You will also be provided with a copy of your child’s marked written English paper as mentioned above.

What other features are there?

  • SDE’s test papers contain questions which Susan Daughtrey expects to be of a similar style and level of difficulty to the questions on the ‘real’ GL Assessment® Maths and Verbal Reasoning 11+ test and the separate standard version English 11+ test which is written by the school;
  • The venue has been carefully appraised by SDE and found to be suitable for 11+ mock exams; and
  • The venue features free off-street parking.


Mock Exams with a written English component are subject to an additional £10 supplement per exam, charged on top of the prices listed below.   This is to help contribute to the additional cost of engaging a qualified English teacher to review and mark the written work, as well as additional administration time involved when processing the results and feedback for these types of tests.  Please also note that feedback for exams containing a written English element will take longer (up to 7 days) although we will do our very best to report back as soon as possible.

1 Session: £80
2 Sessions: £150 (£75 each, save £10)
3 Sessions: £210 (£70 each, save £30)
4 Sessions: £260 (£65 each, save £60)
5 Sessions: £300 (£60 each, save £100)
More than 5 Sessions:  £60 each

To take advantage of the discounted rates on multiple exam bookings, you must book all tests for the same child and as a single Order.

You can combine these tests with Mock Exams that we run directly at other venues.  Simply add these tests to your Cart and continue shopping for SDE 11+ Mock Exam in other areas.

Terms and Conditions

All SDE 11+ Mock Exam Sessions are subject to our mock exam terms and conditions which you can view on the booking page.

Change of date / time / venue and cancellation

You can make changes to your booking free of charge by contacting the SDE Office, at least 72 hours before the Mock Exam takes place.

If you cancel your booking, in some circumstances we will apply a cancellation of charge of £20 to help cover our card processing fees and administration costs.  Our fees will also be recalculated if you are cancelling part of a booking (e.g one test in a multiple booking).  Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for full details and worked examples.


Once you have paid for the Session(s), our system will automatically send you a Receipt and a Booking Confirmation (two separate emails).

How to book

  • Review the timetable and click ‘Book Now’;
  • Complete the simple Registration Form; and
  • Pay for your Session(s) using a credit or debit card.


This exam type has 3 sessions:  Sessions A – C. The test papers at each session are unique (i.e. no repeat questions).

Venue Date Time Time Book
A A Sunday 14th May 2023 10.30AM - 1.15PM 10.30AM - 1.15PM Book Now
A A Sunday 14th May 2023 2.15PM - 5.00PM 2.15PM - 5.00PM Book Now
B B Saturday 17th June 2023 10.30AM - 1.15PM 10.30AM - 1.15PM Book Now
B B Saturday 17th June 2023 2.15PM - 5.00PM 2.15PM - 5.00PM Book Now
C C Sunday 13th August 2023 10.30AM - 1.15PM 10.30AM - 1.15PM Book Now
C C Sunday 13th August 2023 2.15PM - 5.00PM 2.15PM - 5.00PM Book Now
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