11+ Mock Exams for Maths / Verbal Reasoning (GL Assessment-style) and English 11+ candidates

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In 2020, SDE’s 11+ Mock Exams for Maths and Verbal Reasoning (GL Assessment-style) and English (reading comprehension and writing – standard version) 11+ candidates take place at The Latymer School, Enfield.

Please note:  SDE has hired The Latymer School’s Main Hall for these 11+ Mock Exam Sessions and has no affiliation or other relationship with either The Latymer School or with GL Assessment®, the official 11+ Maths and Verbal Reasoning test provider to The Latymer School.

Who can attend?

The test papers have been written by Susan Daughtrey M.Ed, the tutor and author, to help students who are preparing to write the GL Assessment® multiple-choice Maths / Verbal Reasoning 11+ test (60 mins) and the separate standard version English 11+ test, comprising reading comprehension and writing (60 mins).

How many Sessions do you offer?

There are three Sessions held at The Latymer School, Haselbury Road, Edmonton, London N9 9TN:  Session A, Session B and Session C.

Each SDE 11+ Mock Exam Session at The Latymer School comprises a multiple-choice Maths and Verbal Reasoning 11+ test (GL Assessment-style) (60 mins) and English test (comprising reading comprehension and writing in the standard format – i.e not multiple choice) (60 mins).  The two papers are separated by a short break.  Answers to the Maths and Verbal Reasoning test are recorded by the student on a separate multiple-choice answer sheet.  The English test is divided into two 30 minute Sections, the first Section is reading comprehension and the final Section, is writing.

The Sessions have been carefully timed to coincide with your child’s final preparation for the multiple-choice GL Assessment® Maths and Verbal Reasoning test and the standard version English test for entry to The Latymer School.

What is the agenda for each session?

At each Session we will emulate, as far as reasonably practicable, your child’s most likely experience on the day of the real Maths / Verbal Reasoning and English 11+ tests.

What other features are there?

  • SDE’s test papers contain questions which Susan Daughtrey expects to be of a similar style and level of difficulty to the questions on the ‘real’ GL Assessment® Maths and Verbal Reasoning 11+ test and the separate standard version English 11+ test;
  • The venue has been carefully appraised by SDE and found to be suitable for 11+ mock exams;
  • The venue features free off-street parking; and
  • As part of the feedback, parents will receive a marked copy of their child’s test papers (and separate multiple choice answer sheet for the Maths and Verbal Reasoning test) and a list of the correct answers.


1 Session: £75
2 Sessions: £140 (save £10)
3 Sessions: £195 (save up to £30)
4 Sessions:  £240 (save up to £60)

You can combine these tests with Mock Exams that we run directly at other venues, such as our GL-style (Henrietta Barnett) at Mill Hill or our CEM-style or CSSE-style 11+ mock exams at Redbridge .  Simply add these tests to your Cart and continue looking for Mock Exam in other areas.  Our best value package is for six SDE 11+ Mock Exams (currently just £280 with our Early Booking Discount).

Terms and Conditions

All SDE 11+ Mock Exam Sessions are subject to our mock exam terms and conditions which you can view on the booking page.

Change of date / time / venue and cancellation

You can make unlimited online changes to your bookings (up to 72 hours before the relevant Session start time) via your secure SDE Account.  All online changes of date / time / venue are entirely automated.  This service is available to you 24/7 and is free of charge.

If you cancel your booking, we will apply a cancellation of charge of £20 to help cover our card processing fees and administration costs.  Our fees will also be recalculated if you are cancelling part of a booking (e.g one test in a multiple booking).  Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for full details.


Once you have paid for the Session(s), you will automatically receive a Receipt and a Booking Confirmation (two separate emails).

How to book

  • Review the timetable and click ‘Book Now’;
  • Complete the simple Registration Form; and
  • Pay for your Session(s).

Venue Session Date Time Book Now

The Latymer School
Haselbury Road
N9 9TN

A Saturday 23rd May 2020 10.30AM to 1.15PM Book Now
B Saturday 13th June 2020 10.30AM to 1.15PM Book Now
C Saturday 15th August 2020 10.30AM to 1.15PM Book Now