11+ Mock Exams for Queen Elizabeth’s School (QE Boys’) 11+ candidates

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Who can attend?

The test papers have been written by Susan Daughtrey M.Ed, the tutor and author, to help students who are preparing to write the 2020 Queen Elizabeth’s School (QE Boys’) GL Assessment multiple-choice Maths and English 11+ tests.

The Sessions at Harrow School and The Latymer School are reserved exclusively for QE Boys’ 11+ candidates, allowing us to provide you with your son’s rank among a group of other QE Boys’ 11+ prospective applicants.

COVID-19: What measures are in place to help keep my son safe when attending the SDE 11+ Mock Exams during Covid-19?

The real 11+ is not taking place online and it will not be sat at home. In preparation for the 11+, it is important that 11+ candidates have the chance to practice in a realistic environment. We are pleased to offer this opportunity to the boys while taking extensive measures to minimise the risks during the pandemic. The key control measures we are taking are:

  • Each SDE 11+ Mock Exam Session is limited to 15 candidates.
  • There are special hygiene measures at Registration.
  • PPE is available at the Registration Desk for staff and students. Staff are required to wear a mask if they need to move within 2 metres of others or when moving around the building.
  • Desks and chairs are disinfected at the beginning of the day and between each use.
  • All exam papers and answer sheets are placed on your son’s desk before they enter the Exam Hall or classroom.
  • Candidates are sat at least 2 metres apart in the Exam Hall.
  • At the end of Session the boys are led outside to meet their parent at the Collection Area.
  • We maintain a plan of the seating positions of each candidate and will retain these records for at least 4 weeks to assist with contact tracing.

Comprehensive details of the steps we are taking to keep everyone safe at the SDE 11+ Mock Exams have been seen by a senior policy team at the DfE who are responsible for the Out of School Sector, who have commented that our plans “seem very sensible”.

Parents are sent full details of the measures we are taking, and the instructions they need to follow, the day prior to the 11+ Mock Exam. We will continue to update our policies and procedures as the situation evolves and new Government Guidance is issued. This means that some of the measures above may be subject to change.

We are pleased to share with you some photos and a diagram of the modified SDE 11+ Tuition Centre at Burkes Court in Beaconsfield which is now Covid-19 secure and ready for face-to-face 11+ Courses and 11+ Mock Exams. Similar changes have been made to our other Covid-19 secure ‘hubs’ in Buckinghamshire, Berkshire and North London.

What is the agenda for each Session?

Each Session comprises a multiple-choice Maths and multiple choice English 11+ test (GL Assessment-style).  The two papers are separated by a short break.

How many Sessions do you offer?

There are 5 Sessions held at Harrow School: Sessions A – E.

The test papers at each Session are unique (i.e. no repeat questions).

Please be aware that Shuffled Sentences appear on the SDE Session E test papers for QE Boys.  Although this question type does not appear on the Familiarisation Materials for QE Boys, and is not thought to have appeared on past QE Boys 11+ tests by GL Assessment, we have included Shuffled Sentences on our latest test paper as they appeared in the English section of the GL Assessment tests in Buckinghamshire in 2019 for the first time (this type of question historically only appeared on CEM tests and took tutors and candidates by surprise).  We therefore feel it is appropriate to include these questions on one of the five sets of SDE test papers for QE Boys, so the boys are prepared should that type of question appear on the real QE Boys tests in future. Please do not book Session E if you do not wish your son to be presented with Shuffled Sentences on his English Mock Exam paper.

Many parents book all five Sessions and use the Mock Exams as part of their son’s final preparation for the 11+ exam.

What other features are there?

  • SDE’s test papers contain questions which Susan Daughtrey M.Ed expects to be of a similar style and level of difficulty to the questions on the ‘real’ QE Boys 11+ tests by GL Assessment; and
  • The venue has been carefully appraised by SDE and found to be suitable for 11+ mock exams.

What feedback can I expect after each Session?

Feedback is provided via a secure parent login on the SDE website.

This feedback includes:

  • A Record Table™ which shows your child’s score in each element of the test papers, a total score for each test and a combined score for the two tests.  Next to your child’s scores, we also provide the group average score (and the “all-time” average score) to help you identify your child’s strengths and weaknesses, relative to the other candidates (there are usually many other students to compare your child’s results to as the Sessions are extremely popular);
  • Two anonymised Lists of Scores showing the results of other students who have written the same test papers as your child:
    • the first is the Group List of Scores – this list contains only the anonymised scores of the students attending the 11+ Mock Exam Session on the day with your child; and
    • the second is the remarkable All-Time List of Scores, containing the test results of all students who have written the same tests as your child since test papers were first written by Susan Daughtrey (Sessions A and B in 2016, Session C in 2019 and Sessions D and E are being written for 2020).  Each list contains the results of students who have written the same test papers as your child, giving you the ability to clearly analyse your child’s performance relative to others in a way that is simply not possible if you send your child to a less popular 11+ Mock Exam provider.


The ‘series’ of five GL-style 11+ Mock Exam Sessions for QE Boys candidates have been carefully timed to enable you to monitor your son’s progress and to give your son plenty of test paper practice in a formal exam room environment in the months leading up to the real QE Boys 11+ tests.

1 Session: £75

2 Sessions: £140 (£70 each, save £10)
3 Sessions: £195 (£65 each, save up to £30)
4 Sessions: £240 (£60 each, save up to £60)
5 Sessions: £275 (£55 each, save up to £100)  (Covid-19 Block Booking Discount:  reduced by a further £20 to £255)
6 Sessions: £300 (£50 each, save up to £150)  (Covid-19 Block Booking Discount:  reduced by a further £20 to £280)

You can combine these tests with Mock Exams that we run directly at other venues.  Simply add these tests to your Cart and continue looking for Mock Exam in other areas.

Terms and Conditions

All SDE 11+ Mock Exam Sessions are subject to our mock exam terms and conditions which you can view on the booking page.

Change of date / time / venue and cancellation

You can make unlimited online changes to your bookings (up to 72 hours before the relevant Session start time) via your secure SDE Account.  All online changes of date / time / venue are entirely automated.  This service is available to you 24/7 and is free of charge.

If you cancel your booking, we will apply a cancellation of charge of £20 to help cover our card processing fees and administration costs.  Our fees will also be recalculated if you are cancelling part of a booking (e.g one test in a multiple booking).  Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for full details.


Once you have paid for the Session(s), you will automatically receive a Receipt and a Booking Confirmation (two separate emails).

How to book

  • Review the timetable and click ‘Book Now’;
  • Complete the simple Registration Form; and
  • Pay for your Session(s).