11+ Mock Exams for Queen Elizabeth’s School (QE Boys’) 11+ candidates

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Who can attend?

The test papers have been written by Susan Daughtrey M.Ed, the tutor and author, to help students who are preparing to write the 2020 Queen Elizabeth’s School (QE Boys’) GL Assessment multiple-choice Maths and English 11+ tests.

The Sessions at Harrow School are reserved exclusively for QE Boys’ 11+ candidates, allowing us to provide you with your son’s rank among a group of other QE Boys’ 11+ prospective applicants.

What is the agenda for each Session?

Each Session comprises a multiple-choice Maths and multiple choice English 11+ test (GL Assessment-style).  The two papers are separated by a short break.

How many Sessions do you offer?

There are 5 Sessions held at Harrow School: Sessions A – E.

The test papers at each Session are unique (i.e. no repeat questions).

Most parents book all six Sessions and use the Mock Exams as part of their child’s final preparation for the 11+ exam – the video tuition is a targeteduser-friendlystress-free and extremely effective way of helping your child to get ready for the 11+ test.

What other features are there?

  • SDE’s test papers contain questions which Susan Daughtrey M.Ed expects to be of a similar style and level of difficulty to the questions on the ‘real’ QE Boys 11+ tests by GL Assessment; and
  • The venue has been carefully appraised by SDE and found to be suitable for 11+ mock exams.

Dynamic Video Tuition

All of our 2020 GL Assessment-style 11+ Mock Exams for QE Boys’ 11+ candidates include our unique and innovative Dynamic Video Tuition™ service.

Dynamic Video Tuition™ is a significant video production and IT project, involving the creation of more than 3000 short video tutorials, each typically 1-4 minutes in length, together with an online video streaming platform, so the video tutorials can be watched by you and your child at home.  We have created a video tutorial for every question on our series of five GL-style 11+ Mock Exams for QE Boys’ candidates (as well as many of our other exam formats, including SDE CEM-style and GL-style 11+ Mock Exams used in other areas).  In the run up to the 2019 11+ exams, our video tutorials were streamed by parents and students over 200,000 times!

Dynamic Video Tuition™ is designed to target your child’s individual learning needs.  For each question your child answers incorrectly on the tests our bespoke online software (accessed via your secure parent login to the SDE website) will provide you with access to a data field and a link to a short video, devised and narrated by Susan Daughtrey M.Ed, which includes:

  • The test question number;
  • Your child’s wrong answer selection;
  • A link to a video tutorial, devised and narrated by Susan Daughtrey, which can be streamed from home and which includes the following:
    • The test question number, test question and multiple-choice answer options that appeared on the question paper;
    • Where relevant (e.g for VR questions), an explanation of the technique or method that Susan Daughtrey recommends your child uses to answer the question, devised and narrated by Susan Daughtrey;
    • Where relevant (e.g for Maths questions), working out is shown on screen in a step-by-step fashion, with Susan Daughtrey explaining the process your child should have followed (including any relevant Susan Daughtrey techniques and methods) to answer the question correctly; and
    • Finally, the correct answer is shown on screen.

You can pause, rewind and re-watch the video tutorials provided as part of the 11+ Mock Exam feedback as many times as you like, until the 11+ exams in September 2020.

Dynamic Video Tuition™ has been devised with the specific objectives of giving your child the opportunity to: (a) learn from their mistakes; and (b) improve future exam performance.  This is a unique and innovative resource, which responds to your child’s individual learning requirements by identifying only the questions your child answered incorrectly on the test papers and addressing those wrongly answered questions through the deployment of a video tutorial.

What other feedback can I expect after each Session?

Feedback is provided via a secure parent login on the SDE website.

This feedback includes:

  • A Record Table™ which shows your child’s score in each element of the test papers, a total score for each test and a combined score for the two tests.  Next to your child’s scores, we also provide the group average score (and the “all-time” average score) to help you identify your child’s strengths and weaknesses, relative to the other candidates (there are usually many other students to compare your child’s results to as the Sessions are extremely popular);
  • Two anonymised Lists of Scores showing the results of other students who have written the same test papers as your child:
    • the first is the Group List of Scores – this list contains only the anonymised scores of the students attending the 11+ Mock Exam Session on the day with your child; and
    • the second is the remarkable All-Time List of Scores, containing the test results of all students who have written the same tests as your child since test papers were first written by Susan Daughtrey (Sessions A and B in 2016, Session C in 2019 and Sessions D and E are being written for 2020).  Each list contains the results of students who have written the same test papers as your child, giving you the ability to clearly analyse your child’s performance relative to others in a way that is simply not possible if you send your child to a less popular 11+ Mock Exam provider;
  • Access to our unique and innovative Dynamic Video Tuition™ service detailed above, so you can see exactly which questions your child answered incorrectly and you have access to an expert explanation of how to answer the question which has been devised and narrated by Susan Daughtrey.


The ‘series’ of five GL-style 11+ Mock Exam Sessions for QE Boys candidates have been carefully timed to enable you to monitor your son’s progress and to give your son plenty of test paper practice in a formal exam room environment in the months leading up to the real QE Boys 11+ tests.  With our Dynamic Video Tuition™ service, your son is given the opportunity to learn from his mistakes and to improve future exam performance.  Most parents opt for all five mock exams.

1 Session: £75
2 Sessions: £140 (£70 each, save £10)
3 Sessions: £195 (£65 each, save up to £30)
4 Sessions: £240 (£60 each, save up to £60)
5 Sessions: £275 (£55 each, save up to £100)     Early Booking Discount – save a further £20 – £255 (£51 each, save up to £120)
6 Sessions: £300 (£50 each, save up to £150)    Early Booking Discount – save a further £20 – £280 (£46.67 each, save up to £170)

You can combine these tests with Mock Exams that we run directly at other venues, such as our CEM-style or CSSE-style 11+ mock exams at Redbridge or our GL-style tests for Bucks 11+ candidates.  Simply add these tests to your Cart and continue looking for Mock Exam in other areas.  Our best value package is for six SDE 11+ Mock Exams (currently just £280 with our Early Booking Discount).

Terms and Conditions

All SDE 11+ Mock Exam Sessions are subject to our mock exam terms and conditions which you can view on the booking page.

Change of date / time / venue and cancellation

You can make unlimited online changes to your bookings (up to 72 hours before the relevant Session start time) via your secure SDE Account.  All online changes of date / time / venue are entirely automated.  This service is available to you 24/7 and is free of charge.

If you cancel your booking, we will apply a cancellation of charge of £20 to help cover our card processing fees and administration costs.  Our fees will also be recalculated if you are cancelling part of a booking (e.g one test in a multiple booking).  Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for full details.


Once you have paid for the Session(s), you will automatically receive a Receipt and a Booking Confirmation (two separate emails).

How to book

  • Review the timetable and click ‘Book Now’;
  • Complete the simple Registration Form; and
  • Pay for your Session(s).

** Our Mock Exam bookings are temporarily suspended while we finalise a new 11+ Mock Exam timetable for Summer 2020, following the announcement from the DfE on 1st July that all Out of School Settings such as SDE must operate in small consistent groups of no more than 15 children this summer. Existing customers will be given priority to rebook into these new Sessions, which will be held at a small ‘core’ of venues located in Buckinghamshire, Berkshire and North London (with further venues then being reopened in a safe and managed way later in the summer). There will be more than sufficient capacity to accommodate every child with an existing Mock Exam booking with SDE although this may mean you have to change to one of the ‘core’ venues. Remaining places will be listed and available to book from 9.00am on Monday 20th July 2020. We kindly ask you to monitor this website and not to call – thank you. **

Venue Session Date Time Book Now
QE Boys

Harrow School
5 High Street
Harrow on the Hill

A Thursday 23rd July 2020 10.30AM to 1.00PM Book Now
C Tuesday 28th July 2020 10.30AM to 1.00PM Book Now
D Tuesday 11th August 2020 10.30AM to 1.00PM Book Now
D Tuesday 18th August 2020 10.30AM to 1.00PM Book Now
E Tuesday 25th August 2020 10.30AM to 1.00PM Book Now
E Tuesday 1st September 2020 10.30AM to 1.00PM Book Now
Cancelled - QE Boys

Harrow School
5 High Street
Harrow on the Hill

A Saturday 18th July 2020 10.30AM to 1.00PM Book Now
C Saturday 11th July 2020 10.30AM to 1.00PM Book Now