11+ Courses – Hertfordshire

11+ Courses – Hertfordshire

Susan Daughtrey Education Courses in Bushey Heath, South-West Hertfordshire

SDE’s SW Herts courses are based on more than 25 years experience preparing students for 11+ tests.  All of our SW Herts courses have been written by Susan Daughtrey M.Ed, author of the market leading verbal reasoning Technique and Practice series.  In preparing the courses, Susan has drawn on her lifetime career as a teacher, her 25 years tutoring thousands of students preparing to write 11+ tests and her knowledge of the 11+ exam providers (and the question types which are likely to appear on the “real” South-West Hertfordshire 11+ test papers).

Following recent changes to the SW Herts Verbal Reasoning test, which is now provided by CEM Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring, part of Durham University, SDE’s 11+ Courses in SW Herts have adopted the CEM-style Verbal Reasoning lesson plans, syllabus and materials which have been developed by Susan over the last three years for her Buckinghamshire students (who have been preparing for CEM tests since 2013). This aspect of the Course has been revised four times since its inception in 2013 and is now a well ‘tried, tested and refined’ Course. Both Course teachers in SW Herts have extensive experience preparing students for CEM 11+ tests while teaching at the Susan Daughtrey Education Tuition Centre in Buckinghamshire during 2013/14 and more recently in SW Herts where they have been preparing girls for the Henrietta Barnett CEM tests as well as several groups of Year 5 2014/15 & 2015/16 SW Herts CEM 11+ VR candidates.

South-West Hertfordshire “Consortium Schools”, Dame Alice Owen and Henrietta Barnett

SDE’s South-West Hertfordshire courses focus in particular on preparing children for the Maths and Verbal Reasoning 11+ tests used by the South-West Hertfordshire “Consortium Schools” (Bushey Meads School, Parmiter’s School, Queens’ School, Rickmansworth School, St. Clement Danes School, Watford Grammar School for Boys and Watford Grammar School for Girls).  The courses are also ideal preparation for pupils seeking admission to Dame Alice Owen, Henrietta Barnett and a number of other selective state and independent schools in the Hertfordshire / North London area which use Maths and/or Verbal Reasoning entrance tests.  To assist those students preparing for Laytmer School, the Buckinghamshire grammar schools and other selective schools where Non Verbal Reasoning is tested, a short ‘bolt on’ NVR Course is offered to Year 5 students at additional cost.

SW Herts Course Director

Susan Daughtrey Education’s Courses in South-West Hertfordshire are instructed by Phillipa Bloom B.Ed who has taught SDE’s 11+ courses (in Buckinghamshire and now also in Hertfordshire) for the past eight years.  Phillipa is an outstanding prep-school teacher (Maltman’s Green, Gerrards Cross) and 11+ tutor with over 20 years teaching experience. Phillipa is assisted by another SDE teacher who has also worked with Susan in Buckinghamshire.

Features of Susan Daughtrey Education Courses

Susan Daughtrey Education Courses comprise the following features:

  • A Prep-Bag™ containing Course materials is given to each child at the beginning of the Year 5 Course.
  • A Parents’ Meeting giving detailed information about the Courses, and offering parents the opportunity for lively discussion and to have any queries answered, will be held at the beginning of the Year 5 Course.
  • Standardised Assessments and progress tests monitor your child’s progress in Verbal Reasoning, English and Maths.
  • Numerous ‘mini-tests’ and test paper practice sessions are set in class under examination conditions throughout the year.
  • Holiday homework, to continue familiarity and practice, is set on a scheduled homework programme.

11+ Foundation Course (Year 4)

Susan Daughtrey Education’s 11+ Foundation Course commences in January when your child is in Year 4 (‘standard’ 30 week Course – 1 hour 15 minutes per week).  The Foundation Course concludes immediately prior to the October half term break in time for your child to join the SDE Year 5 11+ Course which begins immediately after half term.

The 11+ Foundation Course has been specifically designed to enhance personal performance by equipping the student with all of the skills they will need to draw upon during the “proper” 11+ Preparation Courses starting in Year 5, namely maths, comprehension and vocabulary.  This Course is ideal for students who wish to improve their “core” skills and build confidence in preparation for Year 5, or for any parent who wishes to improve their child’s Maths and comprehesions skills and their knowledge of English vocabulary.

Parents of the students on the 11+ Foundation Course will be invited to priority register for the Year 5 Course, effectively guaranteeing continuity of tuition all the way through to the 11+ tests.

If you would like to receive details of the 11+ Foundation Course for future years, please enter your details on the enquiry form at the bottom of this page and we will send the details to you at the appropriate time.

The Year 5 Course comprises 2 hours of tuition per week over 32 weeks (64 hours in total).  A separate optional ‘Refresher Course’ takes place at the end of August – places on the Refresher Course are reserved exclusively for those students who have attended the SDE 11+ Year 5 Course.

11+ Mock Exam sessions

In addition to full 11+ Courses, we also offer 11+ Mock Exam sessions which are designed specifically for SW Herts 11+ candidates (Maths = GL-Assessment-style standard version, 50 questions in 50 minutes; VR = CEM-style ‘write on’ verbal reasoning paper which is broken into separately timed sections and administered with the aid of a pre-recorded audio tape).  The test papers have been written by Susan specifically for SW Herts students and are not used in other areas.


As in previous years the 2016-7 courses take place at The Niland Conference Centre, Bushey Heath (a fantastic teaching venue set in a semi-rural location).  The Niland Conference Centre is approximately 2-3 minutes’ drive from Junction 4 of the M1 and is easily reached from nearby towns such as Rickmansworth, Watford, Radlett, Edgware, Hatch End and Harrow.  The postcode for the venue is:  WD23 4EE.

Course details

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