11+ Courses – Berkshire (Slough)

11+ Courses – Berkshire (Slough)

SDE 11+ Courses in Berkshire (written by Susan Daughtrey for CEM 11+ candidates)

The 11+ test papers for the Slough Consortium of Grammar Schools, Reading Boys and Kendrick School are provided by CEM Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring.

The Berkshire CEM 11+ tests comprise:

  • Verbal Reasoning (including comprehension and vocabulary)
  • Numerical Reasoning (Maths)
  • Non-Verbal Reasoning

Berkshire SDE 11+ Courses – syllabus and materials

Susan Daughtrey M.Ed, author of the verbal reasoning Technique and Practice series of books, has completely rewritten SDE’s 11+ Courses for the purpose of preparing students for the CEM 11+ tests. This material has not been published and is only available to students enrolled on Susan Daughtrey Education’s 11+ courses.

Year 4 and Year 5 Berkshire 11+ Courses

The following Courses are available at our Berkshire venues (Slough and Earley):

  • 11+ Foundation Course (30 weeks, January of Year 4 to October of Year 5, 1 hour 30 minutes per week)
  • 11+ Foundation Course (fast track) (17 weeks, May of Year 4 to October of Year 5, 1 hour 30 minutes per week)
  • 11+ Course (Year 5 students) (32 weeks, October of Year 5 to the 11+ test, 2 hours per week)
  • 11+ Refresher Course (this is an intensive revision course reserved for Year 5 students who have attended the term-time SDE 11+ Course)
  • 11+ Summer Course (Revision and Testing) (school summer holidays a few weeks before the 11+ test – this Course is open to new students who have not previously studies with SDE)

Full Course Prospectuses are available on request – please complete the form below and we will email the Course details to you by return.

In addition to 11+ Courses, we also offer stand-alone mock exam sessions – for further details please click here.

Berkshire course venues

SDE’s Berkshire 11+ Courses are identical to the SDE 11+ Courses in Buckinghamshire (apart form the timetable and course venues) and take place at the following Berkshire venues:

  • Slough (Long Close Prep School, Upton Ct Road, Slough SL3 7LU) 
  • Reading (Earley Crescent Resource Centre, Warbler Drive, Earley, Reading RG6 4HB) (classes take place on weeknights and on Saturday morning)

The Course teachers are carefully selected Key Stage 2 teachers who have many years experience successfully preparing students for the local 11+ tests.

Features of Susan Daughtrey Education Courses in Berkshire

SDE’s Berkshire 11+ Courses include the following features:

  • A Prep-Bag™ containing Course materials is given to each child at the beginning of the Year 5 Course.
  • A Parents’ Presentation giving detailed information about the Courses, and offering parents the opportunity for  discussion and to have any queries answered is held during the first part of the Year 5 Course.
  • Standardised assessments and progress tests will monitor the child’s progress in Verbal Reasoning, Maths and Non Verbal Reasoning.
  • Test paper practice sessions are set in class under examination conditions throughout the year.
  • Holiday homework, to continue familiarity and practice, is set on a scheduled homework programme.

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