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SW Herts 11+ Mock Verbal Reasoning (GL Assessment-style, multiple-choice) and Maths (GL Assessment-style, multiple-choice) test sessions (reflecting changes to the 2019 SW Herts tests): test papers written by Susan Daughtrey M.Ed. specifically for SW Herts ‘Consortium School’ and Dame Alice Owen 11+ candidates, September 2020.

Who can attend?

The sessions are open to all Year 5 SW Herts 11+ candidates (September 2020), not just to the students enrolled on SDE’s 11+ courses.

What features are included?

The Sessions present an opportunity for your child to write mock 11+ Verbal Reasoning and Maths test papers (both GL Assessment-style, multiple choice) under examination conditions. Each Session lasts two and a half hours.

  • The test papers have all been written by Susan Daughtrey M.Ed, the 11+ tutor and author – Susan’s test papers are as close as possible to the “real” SW Herts 11+ tests and have been written specifically for 2020 SW Herts 11+ candidates;
  • The mock exam test papers are unpublished and should not have been seen by your child prior to the test;
  • The Maths test comprises 50 questions in 50 minutes;
  • The Verbal Reasoning test comprises 80 questions in 50 minutes;
  • For each test there is a question booklet and separate multiple-choice answer sheet;
  • Candidates are permitted to write all of their working out on the question booklet (as they are likely to be able to do in real SW Herts 11+ tests, rather than being provided with rough paper for working out);
  • After the Session you will be provided with a detailed Record Table showing your child’s scores, together with a List of Scores (anonymised) so you can see how your child has performed relative to the other students at the Session;
  • The test paper, your child’s marked answer sheet and lists of the correct answers will be returned to you within a few days of the tests so you can review the tests and your child’s answers at home, together with your child.

Venue, Costs, Dates & Times

The Sessions will take place in the Great Hall at:

Bushey Academy
London Road
WD23 3AA

1 Session – £75
2 Sessions – £140 (save £10)
3 Sessions – £195 (save up to £30)
4 Sessions – £240 (save up to £60)

  • All SW Herts mock exam sessions are subject to the SW Herts Mock Exam terms and conditions, available to view on the booking page; and
  • Once you have made your booking, our system will immediately acknowledge your payment and provide you with confirmation of your booking.