11+ Mock Exams – SW Herts

SW Herts 11+ Mock Verbal Reasoning (‘write on’ CEM-style) and Maths (standard version GL-style) test sessions: test papers written by Susan specifically for SW Herts ‘Consortium School’ and Dame Alice Owen 11+ candidates, September 2019

In 2019, SDE is again organising three Mock 11+ Verbal Reasoning (CEM-style) and Maths (GL-style) Test Sessions in South-West Hertfordshire.  The test papers at these sessions have been written by Susan specifically for SW Herts 11+ candidates.

Who can attend?

The sessions are open to all Year 5 SW Herts 11+ candidates (September 2019), not just to the students enrolled on SDE’s 11+ courses.

SDE offers alternative CEM-style 11+ mock exams for children preparing for Berkshire and Redbridge CEM 11+ exams (click here) and special sessions for Henrietta Barnett CEM 11+ candidates (click here), as well as GL-style mock exams in preparing for the new Buckinghamshire 2019 11+ tests. The sessions on this page are designed specifically for SW Herts 11+ candidates and are not well suited to students preparing for other 11+ exams.

Please note CEM and GL Assessment are official 11+ test providers and SDE is not associated with or affiliated to either CEM or GL Assessment.

What is involved?

The Sessions present an opportunity for your child to write mock 11+ verbal reasoning (‘write-on’ CEM-style) and Maths (standard version GL-style) test papers under examination conditions.   Each Session will last two and a half hours.

The SDE CEM-style Verbal Reasoning paper is a ‘write-on’ test paper which means your child writes his/her answers on the actual test paper, rather than on a separate multiple-choice answer sheet.  The ‘write-on’ format provides the examiners with the opportunity to present the candidate with both multiple-choice and standard format questions.  The VR test will also be administered with the use of pre-recorded audio which will announce, for example, the instructions and tell the students when they should start/finish each of the separately timed Sections within the CEM-style verbal reasoning test.  This is similar to the arrangements on the day of the actual SW Herts 11+ CEM VR test.

GL Assessment continue to provide the Maths test paper for SW Herts in 2019.  This is a standard format Maths test comprising of 50 questions in 50 minutes.  Each question is eligible for one mark.  SDE’s Maths test paper has also been written specifically for SW Herts 11+ candidates and is excellent practice for these students.

What are the benefits?

There are two main benefits of your child attending an SDE mock exam session:

  • the Sessions will give your child an opportunity to write mock tests under examination conditions in unfamiliar surroundings which is good practice and will help your child feel relaxed and confident as the day of the real 11+ tests approaches; and
  • by analysising the feedback provided after each session, the parent / child can identify weak areas so the techniques can be revised and more practice of the relevant type of question can be undertaken before the real 11+ exams.

What else can we expect?

Each session incorporates the following features:

  • The test papers have all been written by Susan Daughtrey M.Ed, the tutor and author – Susan’s test papers are as close as possible to the “real” SW Herts 11+ tests and have been written specifically for SW Herts 11+ candidates;
  • The mock exam test papers are unpublished and should not have been seen by your child prior to the test;
  • You will be provided with a detailed Record Table showing your child’s score in each Section of the CEM-style VR paper, together with a Letter to Parents which gives information about the content of each Section of the test and sets a Target Mark for each Section (to help you identify areas of weakness). The actual VR paper is a unique resource and is not returned to parents/students after the Session, however the detailed feedback provided should enable you to identify your child’s remaining areas of weakness.
  • Your child be given his/her marked Maths test paper along with the answers in a sealed envelope at the end of the Session so you can review it together at home. A List of Scores (anonymised) for the Maths test is emailed to parents together with the VR feedback mentioned above.

Venue, Costs, Dates & Times

The Sessions will take place in the Great Hall at:

Bushey Academy
London Road
WD23 3AA

1 Session – £70
2 Sessions – £130 (save £10)
3 Sessions – £180 (save up to £30)

  • All SW Herts mock exam sessions are subject to the SW Herts Mock Exam terms and conditions (please note the sessions are non-refundable in the event of non-attendance);
  • Once you have made your booking, our system immediately acknowledge your payment and provide you with confirmation of your booking;
South West Hertfordshire

Bushey Academy
London Road
WD23 3AA

ASaturday 8th June 201910.30am - 1.00pm
ASaturday 8th June 20192.00pm - 4.30pm
BSaturday 13th July 201910.30am - 1.00pm
BSaturday 13th July 20192.00pm - 4.30pm
CFriday 23rd August 201910.30am - 1.00pm
CFriday 23rd August 20192.00pm - 4.30pm