11+ Courses

11+ Courses

‘Achieving Excellence’ on a Susan Daughtrey Education Course

We provide 11+ courses in Buckinghamshire (for CEM 11+ candidates), South-West Hertfordshire (for CEM VR and GL Assessment Maths 11+ candidates), Berkshire (for CEM 11+ candidates), Redbridge (for CEM 11+ candidates), North London (for CEM 11+ candidates) and Harrow (for CEM CEM 11+ candidates) – please click on the links at the bottom of the page to find specific information about the courses we offer in these areas.

Besides being a successful author, Susan Daughtrey M.Ed is a qualified teacher who has since 1987 run courses under the banners ‘Susan Daughtrey Education’ and ‘SDE’ with outstanding success. Since then thousands of children have benefited from her tutorage: her thorough, concise yet simple explanations and strategies, and the caring and concerned way in which Susan and her teachers approach the needs and worries of all of the SDE students and their parents have always been the hallmarks of the SDE success.

GL Assessment 11+ tests

Initially delivered in Chalfont St Peter, Buckinghamshire, Susan Daughtrey Education courses were organised to teach the requirements of the Verbal Reasoning test for the Buckinghamshire 11+.

CEM 11+ tests

Following the Buckinghamshire grammar schools and selective schools in various other 11+ areas changing to use CEM 11+ test papers, Susan has spent many hours rewriting her 11+ courses. SDE’s 11+ Courses for CEM candidates take account of all the known requirements of the new tests making the SDE 11+ Course a very thorough and effective preparation of your child. All of the material Susan has written for these courses is currently unpublished and is therefore only available to the students enrolled on an SDE 11+ Course.

Course Objective

The objective of all SDE Courses is quite explicit – to offer a first-class quality Course where every effort is made to address the student’s weaknesses, to maximise his/her examination performance and to extend each student to his/her fullest potential so the child has the best possible chance of success in the 11+. Everyone who works at Susan Daughtrey Education is striving for excellence and every possible effort is made to achieve it.

Course syllabus, lesson plans and materials written to meet the needs of local 11+ students

All our 11+ courses are designed specifically to prepare the child for the local 11+ tests in the area where each course is held. Accordingly, Susan Daughtrey Education courses in Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, North London and Redbridge focus exclusively on preparing students for CEM 11+ tests. However in South-West Hertfordshire we continue to provide dedicated verbal reasoning and maths courses for students preparing for the local 11+ verbal reasoning and maths tests used by the SW Herts ‘consortium schools’ (CEM for the VR paper and GL Assessment for the Maths paper).

We have a very small team of teachers who travel to provide the teaching instruction in the areas where we offer our 11+ courses. In some areas Susan personally teaches part of the courses herself. All Susan Daughtrey Education teachers have been chosen by Susan because of their teaching reputation and have spent many hours with her being trained in the ‘Susan Daughtrey method’ of teaching for the 11+. They are all exceptional teachers and we have no hesitation recommending them to you.

For more information about SDE 11+ courses in your area, please select your local course venue from the table below:

Course Locations
Berkshire (Earley)North London (Finchley)
Berkshire (Slough)Redbridge