11+ Courses

11+ Courses

‘Achieving Excellence’ on a Susan Daughtrey Education Course

We provide 11+ Courses in Chalfont St. Peter, Buckinghamshire (for GL 11+ candidates), Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire (for GL 11+ candidates), Bushey, South-West Hertfordshire (for GL 11+ Maths and VR candidates), Slough, Berkshire (for CEM and GL 11+ candidates), Earley, Berkshire (for CEM 11+ candidates), and Mill Hill, North London (for CEM and GL 11+ candidates) – please click the links in the table at the bottom of the page to find specific information about the Courses we offer in each area.

Besides being a successful author, Susan Daughtrey M.Ed is a qualified teacher who has since 1987 run courses under the banners ‘Susan Daughtrey Education’ and ‘SDE’ with outstanding success. Since then many children have benefited from her tutorage: her thorough, concise yet simple explanations and strategies, and the caring and concerned way in which Susan and her teachers approach the needs and worries of all of the SDE students and their parents have always been the hallmarks of the SDE success.

Course Objective

The objective of all SDE Courses is quite explicit – to offer a first-class quality Course where every effort is made to address the student’s weaknesses, to maximise his/her examination performance and to extend each student to his/her fullest potential so the child has the best possible chance of success in the 11+. Everyone who works at Susan Daughtrey Education is striving for excellence and every possible effort is made to achieve it.

Course syllabus, lesson plans and materials

All SDE 11+ Courses are designed specifically to prepare the child for the local 11+ tests in the area where the Course is held.

Each class is delivered by a fully qualified teacher to a detailed lesson plan which has been prepared by Susan, ensuring standardisation of the SDE 11+ Course. The majority of the material used in class has been written by Susan specifically for the Course and is unpublished.

Many classes start with a ‘mini test’ which takes about 5-8 minutes to complete. The mini test is our way of checking up on your child’s progress, as we test the vocabulary which was set for homework and often the Maths and VR covered during the previous lesson. A short homework review is also conducted giving us the opportunity to address any common problem areas at the start of the lesson, before the Week’s topics are taught following Susan’s lesson plan and using the materials she has written and selected for use in the lesson.

SDE’s teachers have all been recruited by Susan because of their teaching ability, experience and reputation. We adopt a “technique-orientated approach to learning for the 11+” which means that our teachers actually teach your child how to tackle each type of question on the 11+ tests, before working through several examples together as a group in class.

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At the end of each class, each child is given a Parent Homework Pack™ (PHP) and Student Homework Pack™ (SHP). The PHP contains a list of the homework to be completed that week, together with the answers to Susan’s homework sheets. The SHP also contains the weekly list of homework, together with the homework sheets for the child to complete that Week. Reference is also made to various published books which are given to the child at the start of the Course in an SDE-branded Prep Bag™.

The vast majority of the homework is ‘specific’ in so far as it is set to practice the topic(s) which were taught in the preceding lesson, as well as regular vocabulary and mental arithmetic practice. Homework takes approximately 2-3 hours per week to complete in Year 4 and 3-4 hours per week for children in Year 5. Additional Holiday Homework is also provided to continue practice and consolidation.

All homework is provided in hard copy format (so children can use a pencil and write their working out) and we deliberately do not utilise any online testing platforms as the child is preparing for a written test (paper/pencil) and completing questions on an electronic device can help to garner bad habits (such as quickly answering multiple choice questions on screen without undertaking any working out).

“CEM” and “GL Assessment” are official 11+ test providers. We are not affiliated with and we do not represent either organisation. SDE 11+ Courses are, however, designed to prepare your child for the known elements of the these commonly used 11+ tests. Further information is provided on your local SDE Tuition Centre’s dedicated page which you can access using the table below:

Course Locations
Berkshire (Earley)North London (Finchley)
Berkshire (Slough)