Punctuation Rules and Practice 1

Punctuation Rules and Practice 1


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The first in a series of two Punctuation Rules and Practice books for children aged 11 – 14, or younger if used with the help of a parent or tutor. Designed to build up a student’’s confidence, competence and knowledge of the use of punctuation, this first book in the series explains 3 important punctuation marks which give rise to 40 Rules. The Rules are followed in total by 212 questions to test the student’’s understanding (with Answers).

The 40 Rules are summarised in Rule Summaries which the student is encouraged to copy onto 10 revision cards thereby creating his own personal bank of punctuation rules to which he can refer whenever it is necessary. When the student completes the second and final book in this series a total of 25 Revision Cards summarising 12 Punctuation topics and giving rise to 92 Rules, will have been completed.


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Susan Daughtrey

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