11+ Courses – Harrow

11+ Courses – Harrow

SDE 11+ Courses in Harrow

SDE’s 11+ Courses in Harrow prepare Year 4 and Year 5 students for 11+ tests provided by both CEM and GL Assessment.

Course syllabus and materials

The Course syllabus, lesson plans and unpublished materials used in the class have been written by Susan specifically for the Courses.

The 11+ Foundation Course (Year 4) involves 1 1/4 hours of tuition per week (30 classes) and the Year 5 Courses 2 hours tuition per week (32 classes).  Homework is set weekly and takes between 1 1/2 and 4 hours to complete depending on the stage of preparation and the work covered in the previous lesson.  All class and homework resources are provided by SDE as part of the Course and are included in the Course fee.

CEM and GL Assessment are official 11+ test providers and SDE is not associated with or affiliated to either CEM or GL Assessment.

Year 4 and Year 5 Courses

The following Courses are offered at the SDE venue in Harrow:

  • 11+ Foundation Course (January of Year 4 to October half term of Year 5)
  • 11+ Course (Year 5 students) (January of Year 5 to the 11+ test at the beginning of Year 6)
  • 11+ Refresher Course (reserved for Year 5 students who have attended the term-time Year 5 11+ Course)
  • 11+ Summer Course (Revision and Testing) (taking place during the school summer holidays a few weeks before the 11+ test)

Full Course Prospectuses are available on request, subject to availability – please complete the form below and we will email the Course details to you by return.

In addition to 11+ Courses, SDE also offer 5 stand-alone CEM-style 11+ mock exam sessions at the Harrow venue.


SDE’s Harrow 11+ Courses take place on a Saturday at Harrow High School, Gayton Rd, Harrow HA1 2JG.

Features of Susan Daughtrey Education Courses in Harrow

SDE’s Harrow 11+ Courses include the following features:

  • A Prep-Bag™ containing Course materials is given to each child at the beginning of the Course.
  • A Parents’ Meeting giving detailed information about the Courses, and offering parents the opportunity for discussion and to have any queries answered, is held at the beginning of the Year 5 Course.
  • The Course focuses on teaching your child the techniques required to successfully approach each type of question.
  • Regular ‘mini’ and periodic ‘progress’ tests are administered throughout the Courses to help monitor your child progress.
  • Test paper practice sessions are set in class under examination conditions in the final part of the Year 5 Course.
  • Holiday homework, to continue familiarity and practice, is set on a scheduled homework programme during Year 5.

The majority of the in-class Course resources have been written by Susan specifically for the Course.

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